I just want
  • Someone to kiss
  • Someone to hold
  • Someone to hold me
  • Someone to love
  • Someone who will laugh at my corny jokes
  • Someone who actually thinks I’m “cute”
  • Someone who will call me that ^^^
  • Someone who accepts my flaws
  • Someone who doesn’t try to change me
  • Someone who doesn’t censor me
  • Someone who doesn’t betray me
  • Someone who doesn’t ignore me
  • Someone who makes me feel good, not shitty
  • Someone who understands that I’m not perfect and will mess up at times
  • Someone who I can have an adventure with
  • Someone I can sit on the couch with and cuddle 
  • Someone who will hold my hand in public because they aren’t ashamed to be dating me
  • Someone who gets jealous over me
  • Someone who wants me happy
  • Someone who brags about me
  • Someone who truly loves me

Why does it seem like that is an impossible order to fill?

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